How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Ink And Toner Cartridges?
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Consumable printing items such as ink and toner cartridges, are not very cheap. This is something all printer owners know well. Not only do Starink has the reasonable prices on the compatible ink and toner market, we have got some useful tips on how to get the longest life out of your ink and toner cartridges.

In this paper, I would like to introduce some steps for you to get your ink and toner to last longer deliver more pages, not matter which printer brand and model you work with.

Pull It Out

In recently, many our end-users asked some questions about compatible toner cartridges of Brother TN660. A confuse question was asked is that simply pulling the cartridge from the machine. To be quite honest, these models of printers are incredibly smart from a technological standpoint. They sense the toner's level and indicate the low point with precise sensors. However, this low point is subjective. In general, more ink or toner are available in that cartridge.

Bypass the electronic brain within the machine by pulling the cartridge out. This Brother printer ink trick tells the PCB or printed circuit board that the toner component is missing. The built-in assumption is that a returned cartridge will be full.

You will get more toner out of your cartridge, if you can follow these steps:

1. Reset the printer by following the manufacturer's instructions

2. Slide the same cartridge into the machine as if you are adding new Brother printer ink

3. Activate the printer mode

This simple procedure can get the printer going again.

Shake it Up

When you replace a toner cartridge, it should feel light. Many people will use a new toner cartridge, when the old one still feels relatively heavy. Please do not forget, there is still toner inside the container! Although it is an old-fashioned trick, shaking a toner cartridge can work wonders.

The jostling frees up the toner that might be trapped along the container's walls. It falls to the container's base where it can be sensed by the printer. The low-ink light might recognize the "new" cartridge, which allows the printer to work once again. Depending on the printer's manufacturer, you may need to deactivate the low-ink mode so that the machine works without fail on the next run.

Cover the Sensor

Some printer ink and toner cartridges have sensors along their housings. It might look like a tiny hole on an otherwise solid design. The purpose of this sensor is telling the printer that no more ink or toner are available. In other words, the printer will not operate until this sensor deactivates.

One simple trick involves electrical tape. Use a small piece of tape to cover this cartridge sensor. Activate the printer, and see if it recognizes the toner level. Some printers respond to this strategy so trying it will be the only way to find out if it is successful.

Print with Attention to Detail

If your want ink and toner to last longer, please do not print junk! Seriously, think twice before hitting the print button and save yourself some ink and toner.

Follow these guidelines to save ink and toner:

1. Proofreading and correcting projects before they're printed

2. Considering email copies instead of printing hard copies

In today's technological world, hard copies may not be necessary. Be sure about your print job before sending it to the machine.

Try an Ink-Saving Mode

In addition, the lifespan of ink and toner cartridges will be impacted by print mode.

The print window that pops up on your computer screen has several options available. Look for "draft," "grayscale" or other options that use less ink.

Reserve the best printing for final copies and items being presented in professional settings. There is no need to waste ink on an internal copy that ends up in the circular file.

Consider High-Capacity Ink Cartridges

If you are ever offered either a regular or high-yield cartridge, opt for the high-capacity option. This toner has an extra volume within the housing. You may be able to stretch out its use and make it last longer than other cartridges. Remind yourself that everyday tips and tricks still apply to the large, toner cartridges.

Whether you have a compatible Brother toner cartridge or another model, these tips should help you when a project is due and the low-ink light is on. Save money and time by being patient with your printer. Making ink last longer takes some attention to detail and knowledge about your laser printer cartridge.