How Your Cartridges Should Be Stored
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In general, the shelf life of toner cartridges is 2 years. However, proper storage is a must.

Toner cartridges need to be stored correctly so that the risk of damage can be reduced and ensure premium performance. There are three main concerns to impact the storage-light, heat, and moisture.

Exposure to light removes the toner cartridge's photosensitive properties.

Exposure to heat can cause the toner powder to melt inside the cartridge.

Exposure to moisture can cause the toner powder to clump together.

So, I would like to provide some storage tips

1. Store with room temperature. Toner cartridges should be stored in rooms ranging from 15.5-23.8 degree centigrade. Anything above or below that temperature is either too cold or too hot.

2. Keep drying of your toner cartridges. Toner cartridges cannot be exposed to any moisture environment. Humidity is the most common storage threat in regard to moisture. 50% relative humidity is ideal for toner cartridge storage. Avoid storing in damp basements.

3. Keep toner cartridges in their original packaging. Ensure that toner cartridges are never exposed to any dust or debris by keeping them stored in their original packaging.

4. Keep away from strong light. Please avoid any exposing toner cartridges to sunlight or any other bright lighting. To be safe, it is recommended to keep the lights off in the room they are stored in ideally at all times or as much as possible. Drum units are specifically very sensitive to light so if your toner cartridge is combined with a drum this is especially important.

5. Avoid gaseous cleaning materials. Do not store toner cartridges in closets or cabinets next to gaseous cleaning materials, like ammonia for example.