Printer System Upgrade Issues for Compatible HP CF500 Toner Cartridges
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Upgrade Background

HP has pushed new firmware to printers used with CF500 series cartridges in Nov. 2nd through WiFi and wired network, causing the replacement chips to be unrecognized by the corresponding upgraded printer and it reports “Supply problem”.

To reduce the impact of the firmware upgrade. Please follow belowing steps.

1. Find Firmware Datecode

Select "System Setup" on the Setup Menu and click "Firmware Datecode".

2. Disable "Check Automatically" and "Allow Updates"

If the firmware version is not 20201021, you can disable "Check Automatically" and "Allow Updates" to avoid upgrade.

2.1.Click LaserJet Update

2.2. Choose Manage Updates

2.3. Choose "Check Automatically" and "Allow Updates"

2.4 . Choose No

3. Allow Downgrade

If the printers firmware version has been the latest 20201021, you are recommended to downgrade the firmware.

Download the old firmware.

Send firmware after choosing the matched printer.

Firmware will be downgraded in five minutes.

*Please save the firmware file as it may be upated to the latest version 20201021.

*Please connect the printer via USB for downgrading.

4. Disable "Check Automatically" and "Allow Updates" after Downgrading

After downgrading the firmware version, please remember to disable "Check Automatically" and "Allow Updates" by following Step 1 & 2.